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Falconry in Wales

This Welsh birds of prey blog is a great read for bird lovers, the blog intention is to be more specific on our wonderful British birds of prey. Here is the chance to read up on your particular interest. Whether your love is Eagles, Hawks, Falcons or Owls, the information on the site intends to provide you with details of each bird of prey you may be interested in. Falconry for instance requires a lot of skill and commitment. Training a bird of prey like a falcon to hunt requires knowledge and understanding the bird and its habits. Falconry is actually a type of hunting, and doesn’t really involve keeping the bird as a pet. Also did you know that commercial bird food or butcher’s meat isn’t suitable for a bird of prey, this blog aims to answer all your questions. Part of the pleasure of becoming a falconer is also sharing your experiences so feel free to add your comments.

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