Falconry Displays Could be Impacted by New Laws

Falconry displays are these days under rigorous inspection, as harsher laws have come into force, demanding that keepers of hawks show evidence of the origins of their birds. Article 10 is the paper that requires bird owners to qualify as registered keepers, and show the authenticity of their bird’s origin; DEFRA is tasked with enforcing it. Falconry is practised in upwards of 65 countries, explaining why the black market for illegal smuggling of wild eggs is rampant. Laws protecting wild birds from being smuggled into the U.K are very welcome to the community. Falconry displays are a part of British culture, and falconry has been practised in the U.K for hundreds of years. New laws on falconry have come into force to turn away people who would abuse the welfare of these amazing birds for personal gain. A change in the law that has the full support of all members of the British Falconry Club and fellow associations. These laws will closes the gap in regulations, and hopefully deter abuse of the birds, or the smuggling of eggs, further dignifying the practice for the many that do enjoy, and engage in this much-respected tradition.


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