Falconry experience: Book one today

The British Isles have always retained an active population of birds. British birds of prey also abound in numbers. These sharp-beaked stealthy roamers of the skies above us are still able to live rather untouched in the trees, hills and the cliffs of Britain. The closest we may get to seeing one could be a local festival or community gathering, where someone representing the tradition of Falconry may be present. A Falconry experience in itself is not to be missed. This is where we can come to the owls, falcons, hawks or kestrels and enjoy the exhilaration of being up close and personal with these magnificent birds. A Falconry experience is not to be missed for those interested in these natural hunters, who have had their home in the British countryside for millennia. You will get to engage with the birds on a level otherwise impossible, see their brilliant flight, their massive wingspan, and sharp eyes as they glide about. Meet birds of prey at South Warwickshire Garden for a fun day out and a chance to see the rare beauty of these winged creatures in the beautiful English countryside.

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