What you need when it comes to Falconry clothing

Falconry is a hunting sport with trained birds of prey such as falcons, eagles, and hawks. It can also be referred to as the art of training small birds of prey to hunt. Falconry may have started in the 2000 BC in Mesopotamia. The sport has been going on for quite a while now and is quite common among this present generation. Just like wine it only gets better with age. Most falconers have used northern goshawk and peregrine as their preferred birds. It does not matter whether you started falconry years ago or are just starting out; the fact is you will need top quality equipment to excel in the sport. You will require leather gloves and other protective wears as part of falconry clothing. It is also important for every falconer to ensure the falconry clothing and equipment used is not too heavy or bulky. All birds like to perch, with this in mind the falconer should at least have a good perch before embarking on this adventurous journey. A leash should also be in the list of items needed for the sport. The strap connects jesses to the pole or the glove. A travel box will come in handy when moving birds from one place to another. Since this sport involves moving into the bushes it is, therefore, important to Dress right for your Falconry weekend away in Chester to avoid getting hurt.

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