Regulations Regarding Falconry and Hawking

Regulations regarding Falconry and Hawking in the UK are quite different from the rest of the world which includes the USA. The legislation that covers the regulations regarding Falconry and Hawking is the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The Act makes it illegal to injure, kill, or take any birds from the wild which includes birds of prey. The only way to own a bird of prey is to breed the bird in captivity and then train it. So, the first thing you need to be aware of while trying Falconry or Hawking in the UK is that the birds should be bred in captivity. It is also essential that a license should be obtained for falconry from the main post office. The killing of wild animals classified as vermin (this includes rabbits, crows and magpie) is legal. However, timings and places for falconry are strictly regulated in the UK. Even flying a hawk or falcon over someone’s land requires prior permission from the owner. The birds of prey are very useful for farmers for controlling pests, but this cannot be done with wild-bred birds without risk of breaking the law. This is the reason behind Robotic birds mimic predators and control pests in the UK, although I do not think anyone would mistake them for the beautiful real thing.

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